During the unification of the planet Geode, Steenbok's armies rolled over all opposition. Natalie’s parents (snow leopards) make the mistake of choosing the wrong side when the United Army invaded their mountainous country. The fighting went on for sometime and Natalie was born in a cave on the side of a high peak. The first thing Natalie saw when her eyes opened was the night sky. Her mom would take her out under the stars every night. During the day they would have to hide quietly in the cave. One day her parents didn't return from foraging and after a few hungry days Natalie crawled out to find them or food or just get to the sky. Some traders found her and brought her to Doctor Enoch Long ( okapi) the long lived and far traveled MD and explorer. He found her a home in the tropics with a clouded leopard family The Fenkirk who were bush pilots.


She never felt like she fit in. She was taller and paler than her ‘brothers and sisters’ and seemed to be on a nocturnal body clock. By her teens she was copiloting on the Fenkirk family planes and when they expanded off planet she learned space navigation. In space it was always night and the stars were brighter. Now she felt at home out among the planets and far off suns. When Doc Long needed a new pilot for his “LONG ODDS” Natalie Fenkirk (She never knew her original last name) was the best choice. She spent her 20’s and early 30’s taking Doc from one adventure to another and fending off the advances of Roger Wilmont the COM officer; researcher, Doc’s biographer and a horny little hedgehog. Along with Adopting the Novas she helped reunite Chaos and quantum physics professor Dr. Stephanie Foster ( a fossa) with her only living relative a niece named after her. Doc Long after many years and more favors called in managed to set up Sumer TM (trade matrix) a vast space station with repair docks the universes biggest mall and Doc’s dream an assembly of all sentient beings in the known universe to set up trade and avoid interplanetary wars. the Universal Parliament.. He found an imperturbable unaligned furr Bertram ( a ground sloth) to run it. On opening day someone clubbed Bertram and shoved him out an airlock. Suddenly Natalie found herself with a new job ( Doc would trust no one else to do it) Two Skunk girls that Doc and Natalie had rescued Tara and Villa Nova were her first staff officers Tara didn't work out; too wild and free; but Villa proved to be just as capable as Natalie. Now Natalie spends all her time trying to keep things running smoothly on Sumer TM. She finds both Villa and one of the station security guards Boas a fanaloka attractive but has very little time to do anything about it. She's sympathetic to rebels and 'outsiders' but can't let them disrupted the station. When she has a moment she stares out at the stars for as long as she can and goes back to work refreshed.