Chapter eight

Charlie I


The next Julie woke up she was in a modified pet carrier. Like the kind someone would use to take a non-sentient to the vet. The main differences being this one was built to accommodate a full sized furry and had snap hooks securing her wrists and ankles. There also seemed to be two squishy masses in her lower end, one in her cunt and one in her asshole. Catheters? She could see out the front and from the reflection on the opposite wall of what must be a cargo bay on a space ship she could see that she was one of thirty or more such cases lashed to a bulkhead.

  The next thing she realized was she had no sensation in her left wrist. There was a lump in the material of that wrist cuff and it was cutting of circulation to her hand. She could move her thumb and forefinger with effort but her pinkie and index finger were numb.

  Footsteps in the corridor alerted her to another presence in the bay.

“Hey; somebody out there I can’t feel my hand. Help!”

Hesitant footsteps. She suddenly remembered her ‘training’

“Sir; MASTER; please help this poor slave. A one-handed sex toy won’t be as much fun! Please master!”

A flight suit with the nametag CHARLES TWOCLOUD appeared in front of her case and a canine hand opened the door; freed her left hand and pulled her arm roughly out of the case.

“No tricks now; prisoner” A young male voice said almost gruffly. He then proceeded to examine her wristband and when he found the lump he stopped and spoke into his headset. While he talked he gently massaged her hand.

“Charlie to Pilot; Charlie to pilot; One of the prisoners has a badly formed wristband; if I don’t do something she’ll lose the use of it before we deliver her to… “

Glanced at the label on her case.

“ Kelios; its Lot #2342—Julie Rayne-Reader. Reader?”

There was some noise in his headphone.

“Oh; banned books. So how do I proceed?”

 More noise.

“WHAT; I can’t do that. ---I don’t know her. --- Oh! You’re going to watch? ----YES SIR! RIGHT AWAY SIR!”

Securing her left cuff to the outside of the case he reached in and brought out her right hand and secured that outside.

“Now stick your head out to the shoulders”

When her head passed through the door the collar constricted cutting off her breathing!

“Oh! Wait--- The blue button --- Ok --- Better?”

“Yes; master, thank you so much.” Julie managed to croak out.

“Stay there, I’ll be right back. Like you can go anywhere.”

“Ja, I’ll be right here waiting…” Julie drawled “MASTER!” she remembered at the next second.

A while later he was back attaching a portable device similar to the one that put her restraints on to begin with. As he leaned by her ear he whispered.

“Listen Julie is it? I have to become a pilot, for more reasons than I can explain. The captain is watching and if he thinks I’m a slacker I’ll wind up behind a desk or worse. I’m sorry I have to do this.”

What now? Julie wondered. When he leaned close she saw he was a coyote, maybe younger than her.

“As I equalize the pressure in your cuff, pump this to get your circulation going”

So saying the coyote boy dropped his pants and put his dick in her left hand and started the machine. As the feeling returned her hand rhythmically massaged his growing member. She had done worse things for stale bread at the jail.

It didn’t take long before he was ready to spurt. After a second to consider the alternative of cum drying on her hand, she surprised her self by saying.

“Master? May this worthless slave drink of your virile manhood?”

“WHAT?” Charlie groaned distractedly. He was right on the brink. What did she want, now?

“Come in my mouth, please?” Julie amended “MASTER!”

It wasn’t a long journey but Charlie barely made it! As soon as her tongue touched the tip he was blowing his wad faster than she could suck it up. Some dripped down her muzzle and onto the floor. He gently patted her head and rubbed behind her ear.

There was some more noise in his headphone.

“Yes Sir? --- What does that do? --- The green button --- Leave her out… --- YES SIR, I’ll mop that up.”

“Thank you for the nice protein shake, master.” Julie said when she’d swallowed the last and licked her lips.

“Sorry again I have to…” He whispered leaning close to detach the apparatus from her wrist. Straightening he pressed another button on the top of the case and the things in her bottom came to life.

The blob in her snatch grew or inflated till it filled her vaginal canal almost painfully. As the front came up to meet her clity something inside moved to rub it gently at first and then with more vigor. It only chafed enough to provide friction and soon her juices were flowing to lubricate it. Just before she thought she would burst from the pressure it started to deflate in her Cooney and inflate in her butt. For a fleeting moment she could feel pressure from both sides then the vaginal plug reduced and the anal plug grew. Inflate in one hole; deflate in the other. Slowly building in tempo as she felt an intense climax starting to build inside her. Her first orgasm was very nice! Her second was nicer and every successive one was more intense than the last. Then it stopped!

“Little kitty you’ve given us extra work; so it’s only fair we take it out in trade”

There was a Kodiak waving his thick member in her face.

This must be the captain Julie thought.

“Master; May I kiss your ‘jasper scepter’?” she wheedled. She felt that she had better say things the right way to this one.

“Jazz what? Just suck me off, quick I have to get back to the comm. Before that coyote gets us lost. If you treat me good I’ll turn your ‘backpacker’ on again.”

Positive reinforcement of a sexual nature --- very subtle and effective, she realized. She wanted more ‘backpacking’! Taking the captain’s dick into her mouth she started to lick around the head and gently scratch its underside with her front teeth. As it swelled inside her mouth and cut off her breath she pulled her head back then carefully inched forward again until the gag reflex engaged and massaged him some more. She could always breath through her nose, as long as part of her throat was clear. He took longer than Charlie but not much. It seemed there were 2 other crewmen and she did them as well. The last one a ratel took the longest and when he finished and before she swallowed his last spurt; he pressed the green button and her 19th climax hit just as he turned the corner and disappeared.

Two hours later she awoke from the blissful unconsciousness of multiple orgasms to find her self totally back in her transport case, with a drink bottle hooked to the outside. One suck told her it was heavy sweet cream still cold and perfect for getting the taste of penis out of her mouth.
”Thanks Charlie” she murmured, “I owe you a big one”   

Some of the girls in the other cases got ‘visits’ from the crew and 2 even got taken out and gangbanged every morning.

“Those are front line girls. They entertain whole troops daily and need to get used to frequent sex with many partners. You’re only going to have one at a time and if he’s not in the mood you can rest.” Charlie explained to her.

She noticed he only participated when ordered and picked her most often.

“I told the other guys your mine for the trip and they’ll leave you alone. Is that ok?” He asked one day

“I don’t mind sex anymore but blow jobs and hand jobs all the time is boring;” Realizing what she just said she quickly added “but I love the taste of your cock master! I’m sure I could suck on it all day and be as happy as a hairy clam. Can I have some more please, master Charlie?” she said quickly. She didn’t want to lose the closest thing to friend she had.

Charlie looked at her angrily for a minute, pressed the green button and walked away. The next day she was very apologetic and tried to give him better oral then ever. It took forever and she patiently worked at him; swallowing his prick till she almost choked to death. Finally he came but not very strong.

“I think you were playing me yesterday.” He told her with some anger in his voice “I don’t like being lied to! My people were lied to for generations till Stenbek freed us from the reservations.”

“Whoa; Listen master Charlie I do like you. I’m on my way to be a sex slave. If I can learn how to be a good one, I’ll survive long enough to find a way out. You’re a nice guy; if my new master is half as nice I’ll be safe for a while. But if I get a bastard like some of my jailors… One lemur stepped on my food and cornholed me while I licked it off the floor! Guy like that better hear what he wants or I’m in deep shit. Tell you what master; order me never to lie to you and I won’t!”

“Ok, Slave #2342; you are hereby ordered to never lie to me again!” A smile broke out on his face. “ You are also ordered to do anything you have to in order to stay alive till me meet again. Today you get delivered.” Looking at his watch “In 3 hours we land on Kelios. I looked it up; your first owner will be --- Master sergeant Mikeale a simian jackal. He’s listed as Trainer not lookout. May the Great Spirit have mercy on your soul.”

Trainer? Julie thought, now what I’m I in for?