Chapter nine


It was getting very hot inside her case. This was a desert planetoid one of the closest to Geode. They had switched on the built in dildo and butt plug when they pushed her out of the rocket; but they batteries had long since died leaving both half inflated. She daydreamed about Charlie and hoped He’d find a way to visit. After what seemed an eternity; she saw a blur approach though the haze; without her glasses that was about the best she could do. The figure approaching resolved itself into a canine with yellow fur and short cropped hair. He pulled something off the top of her case and released the sides so the whole case collapsed. Julie was spread eagle with the top of the case on her back as the Simian Jackal read her file.

"#422369 Julie Rayne F.U.R.N. 2nd class.

Convicted of sedation and reading banned books

No allergies or drug interdictions

Myopic (glasses enclosed)

Recommended Furn rations twice monthly to reinforce conditioning.

Other comments:

--- docile but imaginative sex partner. Enjoys spanking. Excellent BJ.

--- needs work:

    1. response time
    2. anal intercourse
    3. kazzbeshi
    4. general fitness

Well Rayne we have our work cut out for us."

He freed her hands and feet from the sides of the case; removed the backpackers; pulled to her feet put her glasses on her face and ran his finger along her labia.

"Too dry! What if I wanted to use you right here and now?" He barked

"It’s the heat; SIR! I can be ready in a second." She started to rub herself and lie down in the sand legs wide.

"Not now; get up and quick march to the shack. We’ll work on that response time. You need to be ready as soon as a potential lover appears 24/7/365. I SAID MOVE!!" A resounding slap on her ass sent her scurrying towards the hut. She arrived before the jackal and explored her new home. Just one room dived into three sections; kitchen and bath; the bedroom/living room and the monitoring equipment. The kitchen had a sink, stove, icebox, two cabinets and a counter; next to the sink was a bathtub big enough for two furrs. Closer to the door was the bed and a stereo vid unit with adequate speakers, the shacks only window, a table with 3 wooden chairs and a large box labeled TOYS. The ‘toybox’ contained dildos, vibrators, chains, ropes, bungee cords, alligator clips, clothes pins, whips, riding crops and devices she had never seen before. Furthest from the window was vast array of radar scopes, recorders and the newest computer terminal! Now she was wet! There were some bound books near the bed and in the kitchen but they were tech manuals and cookbooks.
"Are we settling in nicely Julie?" Mikeale said softly from the doorway "Just who do you think you are? Where do you think you are? Let me show you something" And he grabbed her upper arm tight and lead her over to the computer "This is a piece of equipment that comes with the shack for the use of personnel assigned here." He led her to the stereo and said "This is a piece of equipment that comes with the shack for the use of personnel assigned here." Then the stove "This is a piece of equipment that comes with the shack for the use of personnel assigned here." Next he shoved her in front of a full length mirror so she could see her nude, collared and cuffed body. "This is a piece of equipment that comes with the shack for the use of personnel assigned here. Get to work" He pushed her into a squatting position and pulled out his dick. It was pretty big but Julie managed to get most of it in her mouth and start rolling her tongue around it. He just stood there and waited while she sucked him nearly to a climax.

"Ok stop. Now do it with your tits" Mikeale ordered

The position was awkward but she managed to trap his prick between her breasts and move her body up and down. She shifted to her knees on the floor and got a better rhythm going and finished him off. He pulled back at the end and covered her with his spooge. She cleaned him off without being told but when she looked up he was scowling.

"You should have got on your knees for titty fucking immediately. Now get on the bed."

She sauntered over to the bed and sat down on the edge. I’ll await orders on how he wants me she thought.

"WRONG" he screamed in her face "I said on the bed. Not sit! On the bed means lying down legs spread ready. You need discipline" He chained her wrists to a pole at the head of the bed

When she got in the right position he fucked her roughly and forbade her to climax. As his arousal grew the middle of his dick inflated like a small balloon. The same thing had happened with Charlie. A knot he’d called it. Obviously he had so control over it cause he had no problem pulling out; Then he flipped her over; retied her wrists and started to cornhole. her. She was dry and it hurt till his wet member got her somewhat lubed. She never took anything that large up her poop chute before and that made her yowl. He took his time and she thought she’d burst when he got his whole prick into her rear-end got his knot back and just kept going.

"If you can hold off my ejack for a whole minute you can have one mild orgasm." He whispered in her ear. She tightened and loosened her sphincter muscles in a counterpoint to his thrusts so his spurt was delayed for two minutes. With his dick still in her he said.

"Just a little one is all you rate. You’ll have to earn a big multiple climaxes. Go ahead."

Suppressing her release was a new one for her and she failed. He could tell by the way she contracted around him and slapped her ass as he withdrew. He loosed her wrists and:

"Get two short chains and a long one from the box and the three way clips – on –chain. And no talking till sunup!" He fastened her ankles and hands close together then ran the long chain through her collar and pulled her head back severely so she was bowed with her tits sticking way up. Two clips went on her nipples and the third on her clit; the tips were rubber but pinched hard and any movement pulled her sensitive skin and bits of pelt. He tightened the chains till he was satisfied she would spend a very uncomfortable night and placed her on the floor near the head of his bed so he could doze off to her low moans and mewls of pain as she tried to find the best posture to ease the tension. There wasn’t one. If she pushed her head closer to her feet the nipple clamps pulled down painfully and the clity clamp sent waves of erotic current all through her; if she bent forward her feet left the ground and she was supporting her whole weight on her kneecaps. Leaning on the bed was out. He caught her doing it; pushed her off and twanged her chains till she moaned with both pleasure and pain. It was loooooong night.

At the first rays of dawn Mikeale was wide awake and slapping his schlong on Julie's muzzle.

"The quicker you get me off the quicker I unhook your clamps" she inhaled his dick and commenced to work it in and out licking the bottom sheath and balls. She felt the middle swell into a knot. She was balanced on her knees and slipped forward to take his whole member down her throat. It cut off her breath and she gagged which made him harder. Her mouth was doing naturally what it took weeks to teach her vaginal muscles to do! Carefully she rocked back and forth taking his member deeper with every forward motion and massaging the length as it slid back out. A minute of this and he was filling her mouth with sperm.

"Well done trooper. That was your breakfast now go fix mine." He removed all but her ankle chains and sent her towards the kitchen with a swat on the keister. The chain only allowed mincing steps and climbing up to the closet was out. The fridge held bacon and eggs; milk and cheese; onions and peppers; beer and vodka or gin. She looked out the window to make sure it was daylight and said.

"Do you like beer in your omelets? We got onions peppers and cheese; want all three?" she asked "master" she added quickly.

"A well trained girl says MASTER!" he yelled in her face "first; then tries to please. One egg over easy; coffee black with one sugar"

The coffee and sugar cubes were on the counter. She had some trouble with the stove; where was the on switch and temperature dial? It was black crusty metal and the side compartment had half burned wood and tons of ashes. A wood burning stove? There was a pile of firewood outside she realized. She’d seen it last afternoon but hadn’t thought about it till now. Taking little tiny steps she went outside and brought in an armful; found matches and the dry wood went up quickly and she started to cook. The stove started to cool down and she fed it more wood. Her armful lasted 5 minutes and nothing was cooked yet. She made 5 looong trips outside and back carrying as much as she could each trip. This time the stove got hot and she managed to cook an egg and make coffee. The egg disappeared along with the coffee and Mikeale rose and undid Julie's ankle chains and transferred the chain to her wrists pulled tight behind her back and hooked to her collar.

"When I’m through with you thinking on your feet will come naturally. What if I wanted cereal?"

"I’d use the broom, MASTER!; push open the door and knock it down; Sir." She wanted to show that she had a brain.

"That’s twice you failed to start a sentence with master. Third time’s the charm…" He stated ominously. I’ve got to watch that Julie thought. Cleaning the breakfast dishes was a real challenge. She had to carry first the plate then the cup to the sink in her mouth; push the faucet with her nose; squirt liquid soap with her chin; stir the water with a ladle between her teeth; then bob for the plate and cup nudge the drain open with her head close it; refill the sink to rinse and pull the dishes out again. Her fur was soaked and dripping soap suds. Mikeale looked at her and mumbled

"I’m kinda in the mood for sex right about now; sorta"

What’s that supposed to mean Julie wondered. Was she expected to make him more in the mood or wait for him to decide? She walked over knelt down and put her head in his lap. Her tits pressed on his pant leg and her sex rested on his shoe. He brought his shoe up into her labia; taking that as encouragement she pulled his zipper open with her fangs. He wasn’t wearing any underwear; so far so good; now all she had to do was nuzzle out his schlong and… Her top right long fang was stuck in his zipper pull and his dick was flopping out; if she pulled up to free her tooth it would catch is balls in the zipper!

"Could… Master could you get the zipper out of my mouth; please? Master I’m afraid to move for fear of catching your lordly scepter."

"That’s THREE! Finish her and we’ll work on you ability to follow orders." He released he mouth and let her suck him hard with his pants still on. Her face ruff caught in his zipper and tweezed out hairs as she worked. When he was hard and slick he pushed her back and pressed her head to the floor and had her in the ass. The soap suds made it easier this time but she didn’t enjoy the position at all. I hope he washes off before doing the regular hole; she prayed. Turned out that was the least of her worries. First surprise: he came in her ass zipped up and stood. Second he released her hands and told her to drink a large glass of water. Third he said

"For today you are merely going to observe the local wildlife. Get a feel for the subtle changes in the environment around here. Finish your drink and come outside" and he left.

She considered letting him wait but thought the test would be how quickly she complied with even a casual order. She gulped her glass straightened her glasses and arrived outside practically on his heels.

"Master?" She said smartly "All ready for our field trip. Sir!"

"Trip? Not today. You’re going to watch from an outdoor observation point. A very stationary vantage point." He clipped a leash to her neck and led her a few yards from the house to a rusty bed frame lying in the sand. He strapped her right wrist and left ankle to the frame and lifted it up perpendicular to the ground. After tightening the chains so she was stretched to the limit he added and adjusted the other two and threaded the leash through the springs. She was instructed to pull down with her left hand and push out with her right foot.

Hold it for a count of ten then switch and hold for ten then relax. Mikeale held up a hose.

"I want to see 20 reps then I’ll hose you down and leave you to commune with nature."

The first 10 we’re difficult; the next five were very hard and the last 5 were close to impossible; she was on automatic just letting her body continue mindlessly, the very last 2 strained every muscle in her body and when she relaxed she collapsed. The ice cold water hit her like a stinging slap in the face and woke her from her stupor. Her right foot twitched backwards and brushed a jagged spring end and was cut deep. It started bleeding and she tried to catch Mikeale attention with her eyes and when she did she looked down and wriggled her bleeding foot.

"Master?" she murmured not sure if she was permitted to speak. He brought a first aid kit from the shack and treated and dressed her wound. It least part of me is dressed now she thought.

"Very commendable! All government property should be maintained in working condition when feasible." With that he returned to the house for the morning. Julie considered his statement. As either a member of the armed forces or as property of them she would be taken care of; they should by their own rules keep her healthy. As the sun rose in the sky and she got hotter and hotter




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