Chapter one



Space pirates at Doc.Con


The ocelot reached over her spotted head and flicked the switch that took her ship out of hyperdrive into normal space. Engaging her cloaking device she slowly stalked the Dhorkian Freighter like her ancient ancestors pursuing a parrot. As soon as they left this system, she'd call in the other raiders. It was her first time on point and she wasn't going to blow it! As she followed at a safe distance, just out of scanner range, she thought back to how she wound up here. She was just an average student in most of her classes at university but ancient literature of the days when brave creatures ventured to the next unknown horizon; never knowing what they'd find, that she devoured like a starving cat.

"Julie, You still writing your space pirates story? I see you made your self the main character. There are no space pirates anymore. Our oh so brave Starfleet blew them up from a safe distance around here, and the ones around Elysium disappeared with the planet."

"I know sis, and if there were any left around here they'd be villains, thieves and rapists. Put a lid on it; Lisa! It's fiction I'm making it up!"

"Ok kitten; I came to say your friends are outside. Remember today's Friday; Stephie; Francine and you are driving to Stenbek City for Doc-con. Are you even packed?" Lisa Rayne asked her younger sister Julie.

"Ja, got everything I need right here" Julie said picking up a shoulder bag stuffed mostly with books. "…And put a lid on that 'kitten' crap I'm 20 and in college!" She mumbled through the tee shirt she was pulling over her small pert breasts. "They still prefer Bilial and Azreal from their Goth days."

"Ok then; I think ASS REEL is honking for you. Hurry up and if you want to hear some good writing tune in the "State of the World" address at 8:00pm. I helped compose it."

"Ok; Lisa dear I'll listen to another boring political speech about how everything is fine and peaceful on Geode for another year"

"Listen! George has a surprise that the spacefleet and arms dealers are not going to like"

"Shall we depart on our great adventure ladies" Julie said as she flounced in to the car besides her fennec friend Bilial/Francine. Azreal/Stephie a fossa was driving "Ve haf to stop my mom's office…" Azreal started "Accent; Accent Stuffy!" Julie corrected "Zorry… Sorry; I'm getting better. We Have to stop by my maternal parentals place of business first. She wants us to take some research papers to her colleagues in Stenbek City." "Hey, Jar doesn't your boyfriend Ronald work in the dry cleaner on the ground floor there?" Bilail asked "Put a lid on it; the badger bastard presses pants there but we're no longer going out or IN!" Julie sneered "How Come girlfriend?" Azreal and Bilail said in unison "He's a total cockhead. I spent a whole night tied up in his room…" "Kinky, what did he do to you?" Azreal "That's why he's a cockhead. He wasn't there. I let him tie me up and spank me; you know that gets me hot when it's done right? Here I was a ready for fun and games and he leaves. He said he was going to fill me with whipped cream and suck it out slowly; then nothing for hours and hours. When he finally came back He told me he was out of whipped cream and ran out to get some and locked himself out of the house. He spent all night finding his brother to get the keys! Needless to say I wasn't in the mood by then. I haven't seen him since." "We're here and there's Charlton. See the rabbit guy with antlers. Doctor Forte!" "Howdy Stuffy… Azreal, Here ya go this here is the envelope your ma wants you to bring Professor Krazner in Stenbek City. He'll meet y'all at the hotel. Only give it to him; no one else. If someone approaches you and says he's indisposed tell them you'll wait till he's disposed again. If you can deliver it for any reason; and you gals listen too now; it's a folder; on the cover is a swan emblem embossed if you stick a claw into the swan and push upward the contents will turn to grits and not a soul will ever read it." The jackalope drawled. "Now we're secret agent girls, femme fatal couriers on a life and death mission. Ja; sure if it was that important you'd send it by FED UPS" Julie muttered "Maybe professor foster thinks it's safer to send it with 3 shallow fan girls that nobody'd figure would have anything important on them." Charlton said "Pretty big words from a bunny in front of 3 carnivores. Ladies do we have time to hunt cwazy wabbits?" Bilail growled showing a mouth full of little sharp fangs. "Not today, but when we get back…" Julie purred also showing lots of teeth "Hey look who's here, J.R. it's your ironing badger. Hi Ronald! Is that the newest dry cleaners uniform?" Bilail asked sardonically The badger in a shiny new set of spacefleet issue cadet togs looked mystified at the fennec and stuttered. "wha? Who? Listen Jar we gotta talk I been drafted and don't wanna go off an die in space wid out getting something big straight between us" "Put a lid on that, I had your something straight and crooked and it isn't that big!" "I can see that. HEY you better hide your love away; or at least keep it in your pants. Your fly's open Ronny." Bilail whispered and when he looked down she closed the window and Azreal gunned the engine. 30 minutes later they were queued up for the quickway to Steenbok City. Azreal eased her '55 Safely onto a round edged pallet which in turn eased into the south bound traffic stream like one more corpuscle in an endless bloodstream. The girls lowered all the seats to make a plush carpeted platform bed; turned on the roof mounted vid screen and after Bilail changed from her fast-food uniform into bike shorts and a tank top; lay back and relaxed for the three hour trip to their exit. Bilail was pissed when right in the middle of her favorite Phucking Phasers video it was preempted for George's "State Of The World Address"

" My fellow Geodes;…Thirty years ago my father our beloved former leader Steenbok unified the planet. In the 10 years since his death I have tried to finish his work so all loyal and honest citizens can live safe productive lives with no unnecessary stress or tax burdens. Today I have taken the last step in freeing Geode from the expense of maintaining a standing spacefleet! Our world is now a member, a tax-paying member I might add of the galactic empire. The Imperial fleet is bigger and better equipped then we ever were and in and out of our system all the time. The Geode spacefleet has served our planet well and the empire has not only offered to buy our well maintained starships; raiders, battlecruisers; shipyards and repair facilities but take any of our brave spacewarriors into the imperial fleet and after some retraining post them at the same or higher ranks then they hold now. No longer will 20% of your yearly income go to support our military. I see a great boost to our economy as all of you will have more money to spend and the increase in trade and tourism from all over the empire will bring us even greater prosperity. My next project believe it or not is to put myself out of work. With the worldwide instantaneous web access the need for representative government is slowly becoming obsolete. By this time next year I hope to announce the dissolution of the world counsel in favor of an international online forum in which any citizen who has an opinion on any issue can have an equal voice. Once that infrastructure is in place my job to will be at an end. My father's dream of a truly united Geode will have come to pass. Thank for your attention In closing I would like to thank my press secretary Ms. Rayne and Roger Wilmont for putting my thought into such eloquent words and Doctor Enoch Long for his continuing efforts negotiating on our behalf with the Empire."
"Ja; That sounds like Lisa's words she is a good non-fiction writer but Mr. Wilmont isn't he the main speaker at our con? He writes speeches too?" Julie asked but no one answered. Bilail was blasting "Screw the Oxen here come the Phucking Phasers" in her headphones and Azreal was sleeping on Julie's shoulder. The engine was off and it was a hot night so the girls striped down and slept cuddled together till the alarm sounded to tell them their exit was coming up. They put the seats back up and drove to the hotel in their undies. On a busy street in downtown Steenbok City Bilail leaned out a window and flashed her tits at the pedestrians. Azreal slipped her dress over head and Julie got dressed before they reached the hotel; Bilail waited till they pulled up at the main entrance got out and slowly got her shorts and tee on while the staff and other guests gawked. "Rayne party of three we have a reservation. 2 double beds and a cot. Here's the confirmation. Party floor right?" J.R. asked the desk clerk. "No worries; No worries at all! Well maybe one… we don't have any cots left. Two of you ladies will have to sleep together." The clerk smirked "Hey; No sweat cobber. Come here luv!" Bilail said grabbing Azreal and starting to French kiss her passionately. How can a fossa covered in brown fur turn bright red all over? Julie just ignored them and filled out the paper work.








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