Chapter six


 Julie woke up in a cell with only one wall that the cot and toilet were attached to. The other sides were just steel bars too narrow to squeeze through but wide enough to leave her no privacy. When she got off the cot she found something else was attached to the wall; HER! She had a collar around her neck and a cuff on both ankles. A chain ran from her left ankle cuff to a hole in the wall level with the cot. She pulled on it and some more chain came out of the wall. There was just enough slack for her to touch the cell door opposite her cot, with her finger tips.

"They can pull the chain back into the wall so all you can reach is the Lou; and if the you really piss them off you wind up sitting on your knees up against the wall in you own crap"

Julie looked into the next cell and there was a naked and collared skunk girl sitting on the floor of her cell. She had wrist and ankle cuffs of glowing purple matching her collar. There was no cot in her cell and the toilet had no seat. She spoke again in her slightly affected accent.

"The bat turds took away my bed and toilet seat just cause I wouldn’t moan loud enough when they cornholed me."

" Ja! Cornholed? That sounds painful. What is it. And is my collar the same shade of green as my anklets. What are you in for? Do we ever get clothes? When do we eat? What do we get to eat?"

"Whoa; you’re as curious as a cat! Ok; We eat gruel tasteless but nutritious and candy bars if we’re ‘good little whores’. We eat when the guards feed us and they may want something in return. No clothes. Passing bad checks. You’re a green f.u.r.n. Field Utilized Recreational Nexus second class for lookouts; you only have to ‘entertain’ one grunt at a time. And last and worst ‘cornholing’ is anal intercourse and it hurts if they do it dry or too quick."

Julie felt her ass tighten at just the thought. What had she gotten herself into? Where were Azreal and Bilial? Did they wind up in this prison or whatever?


"Tara; Tara Nova from Sumer TM."


Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of 2 guards. A jackal and hyena in snake skin vests and black shiny boots. Their privates were barely covered by padded cod pieces. Forget kicking ‘em in the balls; Julie thought.

"ya hungry kitty?" The jackal said stepping into her cell.

"…Guess so, JA" JR murmured.

"Well here it is come and get it." He said holding out a small bowl of gray goop. As Julie reached for it he cupped her left breast with his other hand. When she backed away he growled

"Can’t have one without the other! A little feel and a little food or nothing!" After a moment she moved forward and dipped a finger into the bowl while the jackal rested his hand on her tit. That’s all he did and she took the bowl and let the gruel slowly drain into her throat. She felt her nipples harden under his hand and wondered if some part of her was enjoying this? When the bowl was empty she stepped back and licked her muzzle; a little shyly she said

"Thank you…?"

"Sir will do for now."

Julie sat down and looked over at Tara and blinked twice! The skunk was suspended from the ceiling with her wrists and ankles clipped together and her tail tied tightly to her collar leaving her bottom end exposed on one side and her head pulled back on the other.

"Lets see if you can get it right this time" The hyena stage whispered; removing his cod piece and starting to massage her clit with his thumb.

"Here’s your dinner furn #327865 you’ll have to work for it a little" the jackal said sticking his dick in her mouth. They left her hanging like that till morning and visited Julie first.

"You want to eat again, furn?"

"Sir! Yes sir" Julie barked in her best imitation of a recruit.

"Step forward and stand at ease, legs apart; hosebag" It was the hyena this time. She complied. He handed her the little bowl and as she licked it clean he massaged her right breast and lightly squeezed her nipple between two fingers. When she finished and tried to step back he growled

"As you were! Did I dismiss you?"

"SIR! NO Sirrr owww!" He’d tightened is knuckles on her nipple and twisted. She bit her lip and held her breath while he leaned down and sucked her tit into his mouth and bit down hard.

"Next time wait till we say you can go…"

"ja" she mumbled

"WHAT?" He yelled in her face.

"Yes; sir yes" she whispered

With out a word he left and joined the jackal in Tara’s cell where he was attaching the cot back to the wall.

"You ready to come down now stinky twat?" The hyena said lowering her to the floor "On your feet quick time!"

Tara managed to pull herself upright on her shaky legs the hyena ‘helped’ by grabbing her collar and pulling her up by the neck.

"I don’t know if this thing is sturdy enough; lets see if it can hold all 3 of us at once" Said the jackal lying back on the cot and removing his jock to reveal a stiff woody.

"Go on climb on and lay flat with your butt up" The hyena smacked her ass to illustrate. Tara complied and slowly lowered herself onto the jackal then kneeled across is legs and pulled her tail up so the hyena could reach her ass. They screwed like that for a while and then the hyena left for a minute and came back soaking wet carrying a butt plug as wide as a wine bottle.

"Ok my turn in her cunt you do her ass this time then plug her up."

And they proceeded to do her in both holes again.
Julie watched all this with a mixture of fear and fascination. The reason they’re doing this in the next cell is for my ‘benefit’ as well as hers; she thought. If they treat me like that at this point, I’d either go catatonic with shock or berserk with rage. This way they have me wondering and dreading what they’ll do if I misbehave; her mind raced. As she shifted on her cot she felt moisture on her swollen labia.

Tara slept fitfully on her stomach most of the day and didn’t seem inclined to talk. The only thing to break the monotony of the rest of the day was bathtime. It seemed that two or three hours after meals; there were no clocks; the guards collected the mattresses and blankets and Julie was told to stand in the center of her cell with a bar of disinfectant soap. From overhead warm water sprayed the whole cell and got progressively hotter as she scrubbed herself all over, then the water cooled down till in was almost freezing just before it turned off. Tara almost rubbed her fur off working the dried cum out of her fur; however she couldn’t remove her butt plug to clean her ass.

"Does that hurt?" Julie asked pointing at Tara’s plug.

"I can’t sit at all, or lie on my back, that’s annoying! But there’s no real pain once the muscles back there relax"

"What does your purple collar and stuff mean? How long are we here for? Then what happens?" Julie wanted to ask when she’d get that kind of treatment; but didn’t think she’d like the answer.

"I’m here for a refresher course. General Muller thought I wasn’t gung ho enough about extreme suspension and anal intercourse. The purple collar means Staff furn assigned to command staff. I have better and worse than you will. We live and travel with colonels and generals and get to stay in their quarters and eat their leftovers. We also get to entertain visiting dignitaries, some of the sickest bastards in the empire! If one of them goes too far and kills me they’ll just hush it up. You’ll be here for 6 months then you’ll be sent to a lookout post in the asteriod belt. You get one guy and if he’s not a fuckhead you’re home free till he gets rotated out; then it’s another crap shot,"

"Front and center hosebag! Gruel and grope time!" the hyena bawled at the next feeding "This time we pet the pussy." And he put his hand on her mons as she ate. He rubbed her clity gently and stuck one pinky between her labia and left it there as his thumb kept caressing her clit. "my what fat lips you have; the better to eat this" and he replaced his pinky with an index finger still just between her petals. She finished and stood there till he stopped and said "You’re learning, here’s a treat" and he gave her a candy bar and left. Julie was possibly more excited by something to read than the candy inside.


A product of Kalam Konfections; LOAM

Not for resale


Dextrose; cocoa; lactose; cupid root; lactic acid; boom berries; sorghum extract; noctoil; Dong qui; ginseng.

Cupid root? Boom berries? Noctoil? What the hell were those things? Didn’t take long to find out.

The little ocelot half woke from a very erotic dream where Ronald and Roger were taking turns fucking her face and cunt and then switching; to feel three of her fingers shoved up her sopping wet cooze. In the morning she actually looked forward to the guards visit. Time went by…………

some more time went by

She wanted some physical contact. Any physical contact! She longed for strong hands caressing her breasts. A hard cock pumping in and out of her snatch. Hell she’d settle for weak paws and a Popsicle! At long last; After she’d rubbed her clity sore and her nipples red; she hear footsteps approach her cell and looked up to see a matronly badger lady setting a tray of burnt toast and weak tea down on the floor.

"stay back Furn #4223; When you’re done push the tray out between the bars." And she was gone!

The toast tasted better than any food she had ever eaten and the flavor of the tea was intense! She felt every little bump on the floor and lump in her mattress. Her Vagina ached from hours of constant arousal and her nipples felt like they’d burst from being hard this long. When the hyena showed up to collect her mattress, it took every ounce of restraint she could muster not to tear off his codpiece and swallow his cock.

"Did you like the chocolate; slave?"

"Yes MASTER! Is there anything; I mean absolutely anything; I can do to show you how grateful I am?" And She knew deep down she was being totally sincere. Her mattress was somewhat heavier today with her girl juices soaked in.

The Hyena pulled the bedding out and said

"Sniff, sniff what have you been up to you nasty cat? Fouling government property! How should we punish you?"

"Spank me till I can’t sit and fuck me till I can’t stand!"

"Oh; too bad you forgot ‘Please; Master’ now you’ll have to wait till dinner." So saying he tossed her a bar of soap and dragged the mattresses away.

The water came on; went through its cycle and turned cold. Her heightened sense felt the hot water near to scalding; the soap like menthol rub on her privates and the Cold water like being covered in ice cubes. She had at least 4 climaxes before the liquid shut off and collapsed on the floor with the soap deep in her womanhood. Her new mattress was different; thicker, with a soft plastic dildo, 4 grooved stirrups a bit wider than her wrists and ankle cuffs and came with a note:

You’ve been a naughty girl! If you want to be forgiven; lie down, put the dingle in your dongle not too deep! Put your limbs in the retainers so you can keep your hands to yourself. Be good and you’ll get what you asked for.

So they want me to willingly tie myself down she thought. They’re shifting the emphasis from food as a reward for sex to sex as a reward by itself. I think the candy has something else in it that is making me crave another right now. Ok now first this flaccid dingus up here; then put the ankles in these; lay back; wait if I’m going to be here like this I’ll need a pillow, there; now the wrists.

"CLICK!" and she was locked down spread eagle face up. As the dildo warmed along her body it started to gently rub her clit by inflating and deflating with maddening slowness; never quite letting her orgasm but keeping her on the edge. She remembered reading something about girls in The Mogul who could move their vaginal muscles like they were milking a cow. That would help she surmised; and worked at it but still wasn’t getting anywhere with it when the cell door opened and the jackal came in.

"Diner time 4223. Don’t get up I’ll spoon fed you and show you a little trick" So saying he pressed a button at the base of the mattress and the dildo inflated straight up her snatch and started throbbing against her clit. He waited for her first climax to start feeding her and when the bowl was empty replaced the dildo with his own dick. He pumped her for his pleasure and at his own pace and pulled out just in time to spray his cum all over her belly and chest. When the sperm hit her erect nipples she had another orgasm.

"Next!" The Hyena said as the jackal wiped his pick off in her hair. The Hyena teased her with cock just rubbing it up and down her slit without putting it in.

"You want this inside you don’t you cat?"

"Yes; Please! Master!"

"A good furn only wants to please her C.O. not herself. But you’ll learn."

"OK Ja! If it pleases my master may I have his manhood in me; that I may give him pleasure?" She wheedled.

"Right words; but you don’t sound sincere." He said sticking it in all the way "So I’ll give you this much…" And he fucked her almost to climax and pulled out Then he did it again. And one more time.

"Didn’t you ask for a spanking earlier? We’re not supposed to grant slaves requests…but this time I’ll make an exception!" Another switch at the foot of the mattress released her clamps. He pulled her over his knees and she could feel his member in her navel as he positioned her. His hand came down on her bottom with a resounding thwack. Then he caressed her. Thwack! And he fingered her cooney for a short while. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Then nothing. As she started to relax… Thwack! Then he ran a claw along her spine just enough to make her back arch. Thwack! A short clity rub. Nothing… Thwack! He got his thumb soaking wet in her dripping cunt and slowly pressed it into her anus. That made her raise up a little and it took 2 resounding slaps to get her to hang limp again. He finally gave her the long awaited climax she now desperately craved; with his hole hand in her snatch and pushed her off. She lay on the floor like a used condom; but he wasn’t finished with her. He hauled her onto the bed; positioned her face down and clamped her wrists and ankles. Some controls at the foot of the mattress allowed him to get her into a crouch with her butt up in the air and her feet wide apart. As he bounced her dangling boobs like a juggler; he hissed in her ear.

"I think I should tell you this; 90% of the furnrat wore off hours ago. Everything you’ve been feeling is just you; not a drug reaction." While the meaning of that sunk in; he started to screw her slowly and slap her ass quickly.

"Your master prohibits you from orgasming till he lets you. Disobey and you sleep in this position!" he hissed in her ear and punctuated with loud thwack.

He took his pleasure leisurely as if he had all night and Julie pictured him as a Dhork every time she got close. She also analyzed his statement about 90%; what was still drug related? She wanted to please someone who just gave her sex for no other reason than he gave her release. Not normal for her. She wanted another chocolate bar even if it made her act weird; she wanted the taste in her mouth and the semi-conscious feeling. Definitely not her modus operandi. Last but not least; a strange guy was yiffing her without her real consent; yet she wasn’t going into shock and to the best of her knowledge; didn’t feel like a rape victim. When the hyena finally said

"Come for me kitten!" she did and the release was so intense she yowled like a wild animal. "At ease furn; you did good for a tyro. You were thinking of something disgusting to hold off. We’ll teach you how to prolong your climax for my benefit by purely physical means." He undid her clamps and pulled her flat on the cot face down.

"you’ve got an extra job now. This is your semi permanent training bed." Patting the mattress and running a claw down her back that made her shiver. "It’s all water resistant and you’re expected to clean it with your shower everyday it dries fast so you’ll only sleep in the wet if you make it yourself." She heard a jangle of keys; it sounded like he was turning one in the bottom of the bed and all the clamps and the dongle receded into the bedding. She basked in the afterglow for awhile strangely happy. Her master said she was good and had allowed her to cum. Wait a minute! What was she becoming? Until now she had had a secret hope that somehow she’d be saved; they’d admit it was all a big mistake and let her go home to Lisa; her dad and a normal life. But now it sank it that no hero was going to lead an army of liberation just to free a worthless little nerdy pussycat. This was going to be the rest of her young life and when she was too skanky for service to the military she be selling blowjobs on the corner. She was a bunch of hairy holes and as long as anyone had fun filling them she’d survive. She quietly sobbed into her pillow. The next day she had a headache and her stomach knotted up. The Jackal gave her tea and toast and left. After her shower she slept for what seemed a whole day. She woke up refreshed in the dark (night?) and her outlook was more chipper. She though of those romance novels where a master falls in love with his concubine and makes her his queen or the cop reforms the streetwalker and they live happily ever after. Tara said she’d be one on one with some lonely guy on a far off planetoid. The possibilities were endless. TARA! She hadn’t seen or heard her in how many days since she had the chocolate? The cell next door looked empty! Wait there was a lump on the floor. It stirred.

" ’ello lass; hello I say. I be ferd. Who is you?" The lump stood up it was a slim calico with a belled leather collar as well as a bright green one. She was a bit shorter than Julie and looked older but very pretty in a scruffy way. The accent was more than just foreign it was alien. This was a real offworlder from outside the empire.

"Ferd? What sort of name is that? I’m Julie Rayne from Newton. Where you from?"

"I’ll try more better to talk. Nay Let’s see… OK; ok. I will try and speak more like Geode folks do. My name is Phyrrt-de-yow more like furt as in furtive. Ma friends call me Sneak and my bofs calls me Sneak-sneak. Don’t; do not tell anyone but I’m a Loaman." To prove it she turned into a cat slipped into Julie’s cell and changed back. A were-cat Julie thought what next?











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