Chapter two



Azreal stood her ground stoically. Francine was her oldest and dearest friend and if she wants to play at being a dyke; fine. If I fight she’ll just do it longer, Stephie thought. Shortly they broke the clinch and both grinned at the desk clerks startled look. Azreal walked up to the desk and whispered in  his ear

“Any messages for a Ms. Foster?”

“Yes ma’am! Right here. If you want to try it with a male. I get off at 6:00PM.” He hissed in her ear. ”Meet me in the bar.”

“You poor thing! I get off all the time! In the bar you say… Can I go in there I’m only  16?” she gave him her most wide-eyed little ko-gal look.

“gulp! Never mind miss foster. What about you Ms. Rayne I know you’re over 19 you paid with a credit card.”

Before Julie could answer a muskrat girl with tons of badges and ribbons ran up.

“Julie it’s me Dreamar! Did you guys come by car? The staff car broke down and Roger Wilmont and his publisher’s rep are at the airport waiting… can you go pick them up?”

“Ja! I sure could; you gals settle in I’ll be right back!” Julie grabbed the parking stub out of Azreal’s paw and dashed for the front door. Zoom!

She never wanted to drive my car before Stephie thought; wonder if she has a license?

The bellhop met them at their room with bags and after Bilail flashed him; and he said he’d prefer cash; the girls each flopped on one bed. Azreal read her note:

Ms. Foster (Jr.);

   Please join me in the steam room at 4:00pm. Come alone and bring the binder.

Uncle Olley

That sounded like Dr. Oliver Krazner moms colleague now in S.C. at the Hexagon. She examined the envelope. …Felt like something bound in plastic. It was now 3:45; so she better hustle.

“Billy; BILAIL! Francine Marta Burke; I’m going to see mom’s friend and deliver the top secret papers. BILAIL!”

But the fennec had her headphones on and didn’t even notice when the fossa left the room. It took a while to thread through the maze of the hotel and find the health spa on the roof. Azreal remembered reading in one of Julie’s books how on other planets furrsons had separate facilities for males and females. Uptight prudes; yet if more Dhorkians lived on Geode it would be preferable. Dhork was an unusual planet where all the ‘furs’ were sort of porcine like warthogs with sheep horns and multiple breasts; the women’s only slightly larger than the men’s.









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