Julie had very mixed feelings when Felix the repairman. left He’d hardly been much company; but at least there was another sentient around. It was a relief not being gagged most of the time and chained to the bed all day. He gave her a daily yiff just as he’d been ordered; wham bam and no thank you ma’am. The first time she’d tried to pump his cock with her vaginal muscles he said

"Stop that! It feels funny just lie there till I finish then cook some fries."

Not much stimulation there. But he was around. Now she was the only mammal on Kelios and 15 million miles from anyone else. She could e-mail and sometimes chat with Tara if  the skunk was alone and not tied up. But after constant ‘handling’ for a year; counting boot jail; there was something missing. Two weeks went by and most of it Tara was busy or in transit.  One morning a rocket landed unannounced pushed out a crate and took off again. Julie used an anti grav pallet to bring it just outside the shack. She read the label Do not open till ordered.  Next day new orders came

"Be at landing pad 1600 hours report to sergeant Barnard Van Looyna. Equip with 12" and 6" chain and spring retainer gag."

 The gag was still in its original box; she hadn’t even noticed it before.

"Prevents biting and chewing wearer must be fed liquids only! Prolonged use causes jaw muscles to cramp open and eventually atrophy."

Lovely! What did this Barney guy have in mind? Julie was still a little anxious as she waited in the expected position. Crouched on the balls of her feet knees wide apart; head down arms crossed at the wrist behind her back Out of the cloud of dust left by the rocket’s take off walk a nervous looking whip thin meerkat. Julie heard metal on leather and knew he’d drawn his blaster even before he spoke.

"You’re not wearing the retainer! Put it in now or I’ll blow your frigging head off.!" He squeaked in a high pitched whine.

But the message only said… never argue with you C.O. JR realized and fitted the soft plastic bridgework with springs in the back; into her mouth and clipped the strap behind her neck. She was gagged with her mouth wide open.

"Better now give me your paws one at a time."

Right hand – one end of 6" chain. Then left hand and she could only move her hands in a small arch behind her. Left foot and then right with only a foot of slack. He had one more chain to add; it clipped to her collar then took most of the slack from her wrist chain and then he made her sit on her knees and clipped the last end around her ankle chain and back up to clip and leave only 10" between wrists and ankles. He made sure her gag strap was tight. Even though he was rough she sort of dug the contact. I’ve been conditioned to need somebody touching me anybody; anywhere; she thought and when he stopped she  leaned towards his retreating hand.

"Get my bag and follow" He said dropping his bag in front of her  “You won’t need these any time soon” he said removing her glasses and pocketing them.

It took a long while for her crawl on her belly pushing Barney’s duffle bag in front of her back to the  shack. When she finally got ‘home’ the door was locked or maybe stuck. She pushed and knocked with her head. Nothing. Her belly was sore from rocks and sand and her mouth was full of dust from the rocket take off and she couldn’t close it . She managed to snake up the hot wall and look inside. As soon as Barney saw her face He covered the computer screen with a blanket and stormed outside.

“OH no you don’t!”  he screeched and smacked her on the nose hard “You stay out here till I’m finished and this will keep you from spying; Bitch!”  and he pulled a bag over her head and tucked it into her collar “Sit right there till I call you then you can come in.” and he propped her next to the door. For a while she heard frantic typing then it sounded like he was building something. Julie dozed off and when Barney kicked her awake it was dark out. He unclipped the hobbling chain and pulled her to her feet. Her mouth was very dry and her jaw muscles were cramped. When she came inside there was something new in a corner where the shower had been. It looked like a giant fish tank with a ladder on one side.

“Lay face down on the bed and spread ‘em” Barney poked her in the ribs with his blaster.

 When she quickly complied he dropped  his pants; after probing her first with the pistol barrel then his pinky; he proceeded to fuck her cunt roughly; she was already wet as soon as she knew what he wanted. He put the ray gun barrel in her ear and hissed

“You have 2 minutes to make me come or I’ll blow your head off and cum down your still warm neck”

He started counting down

“119 seconds”




She was scared but did her best. Massaging his small dick with all her vaginal muscles and moaning through her gag in her most provocative way she did it with 10 seconds to spare. Then he surprised her. He started to lick her all over. Not just her mons or ass but everywhere. He flipped her over and slavered over every inch of her body. When he was done he unclipped one side each of her chains and pushed her off the bed.

“Get into your new home” Barney said motioning at the tank. “climb in and toss out the ladder; then you can remove the gag. By the way I changed all the passwords on the terminal so you’re locked out. If you need to use it; I’m not sure why you would; but if you do I’ll supervise what you do. Forget reporting to command anything about me!”

Julie did as she was told. The floor was soft and hard to stand on;  but  sleeping and hopefully sex would be doable. After she removed the retainer gag her jaws slowly relaxed and closed; Thank the goddess or little white bunnies.  When she could speak she tried to find out what this new master was going to want from her.

“master…” she murmured. Tentatively as she tried to assume the position.

“See the loop in the floor put your foot chain through it and clip it back on your other ankle.” When she’d done that he threw a plastic rope with a loop on the end into the tank. She immediately put her wrist chain through it and fastened herself.

“Anything else; sir?” JR said demurely; still trying to get a clue to this furr. I won’t smile; she thought; he doesn’t like sharp teeth.

“Oh; just you wait there’ll be plenty more but not tonight. Sleep if you can. We’ll see what fun things tomorrow brings. Overnight ponder what bathtime will be like! Now shut up.” And he turned out the lights.

Julie crouched in the tank and considered. He fiddled with the computer that monitors my health and sends updates to command; he could do anything to me and tell them I died by misadventure or suicide. This tank is water tight and exactly where the shower was. I’m chained to the floor and on my tiptoes can’t reach the top of the tank. She stared at the meerkat’s form on the bed and shivered.

She was awakened by something pulling the rope on her wrist chain and her up off the tank floor. Barney had the rope in one hand and a grease pencil in the other. When she was as far up as he could pull her; feet off the floor, hands above her head; he made a mark 6” above where her nose was. Then he lowered her till her feet touched down again and said :

“See the other loop in the floor put your wrist chain through it and face that side of the tank.”

Doing that put her in bent over position ass in the air. She heard Barney climbing in behind her and felt his hands on her tail. He put a tight band near the tip of her tail and clipped it to her neck and pushed it down against the grain of her fur till her head was pulled severely back. If she moved her head it pulled the band and the base of her tail. When she was told to tie her hands down she took a moment to lube her ass with a wet finger just in case. Good thing too. He stuck a finger in there and left it while he started to slowly pump his cock in and out of her cooney. At some points his cock met is finger through the closest point. His tip just barely reached and didn’t seem all the way stiff. Too add to the weirdness he sort of petted her with his other hand and then sucked his fingers. Just as she was getting into the rhythm of things  close to her release ( he hadn’t said she couldn’t) and he was starting to throb with pre-cum he stopped!

“Now  It’s BATHTIME! Bimbo; be right back.” He pulled out and she heard him climbing the ladder and first turning a valve and then dropping something soft on the tank floor. As the tank started to fill with water he came back; put his dick back inside her and proceeded to fuck her with a stiffer cock and renewed vigor. He took his time slowly in and out and in and out. His finger invaded her butt once more as the water reached her calves and forearms. He continued as the liquid started to lap against her tits; still just at a leisurely pace like they had all the time in the world. He changed fingers and thumb fucked her ass vigorously without moving his dick at all. The water was just at her neck as he started to move in her twat again just a little faster. She felt something else rub up her leg and snake along her back under her tail. A hose? It pulled tight and she could hear him sucking air through it as the level came up to her mouth and beyond. She franticly milked his member in hopes that when he came he’d free her hands so she could get some air; but a painful tug on her tail  told her to stop it. She was about  to breathe water when she felt a hose next to her muzzle and greedily sucked air into her lungs and orgasmed simultaneously . Three deep breaths and it cut off! Barney proceeded to screw her with his now rock hard dick and let her have 3 breaths at long intervals. Then he pulled the hose away from her mouth and speeded up is thrusts as she once again approached her last gasp. Just as she convulsed with the effort of holding her breath; He came inside her in great gouts of sperm and the floor rose just enough to put her face above the water.

“That was fun ehh? Get your hands free from the floor but leave the chain through the rope.” He said in a somewhat huskier voice. As she bent down to do that he cupped his hands and drank the bath water! When she surfaced he grabbed her collar unclipped her tail and put two fingers between under the collar and along her neck then climbed up the ladder till his dick was level with her face.

“open wide; very wide; and lick this. No teeth!” and he stuck it in her face and twisted her collar till she could just barely inhale. With her mouth open all the way she proceeded to run her tongue tip over his member in ever widening circles as he once more got semi hard and just at the last moment he pulled her head back and dosed her face with another wad of cum.

   When he let go she fell back in the water and sputtered to the surface in time to see him pull the ladder up after him leaving her in shoulder high water full of cum and sweat. The metal edges of the tank that supported the glass started to glow. And the water began to heat up. Is he going to boil me alive now she wondered shaking with renewed fear; but the water only reached the temperature of a very hot bath and as the water steamed away she was able to get a firmer footing on the floor. When the water level reached the top of her thighs the meerkat lowered a small bucket into the water and after sampling some pronounced:

“Just about right.” And he clicked a switch and the water started to cool down. “ I’m going to ask you a question and depending on how you answer I’ll decide how you’ll sleep tonight. Ok here goes. Why is there so much email between you and a member of Gen. Muller’s staff?”

“Oh that!” Julie sighed with relief even as the water grew steadily colder. “MASTER! “ she put in fearfully. “ that’s his furn. We compare notes and swap recipes and bedroom tricks to make you guys happier. Ja, that’s all.”

“Good answer. You didn’t try to make your self important or protect your friend. I doubt the general wants even a hint of his movements broadcast.” The meerkat said thoughtfully “Can you still feel your toes my little thermometer?”

“Not really, master, and my knees are starting to lose sensation too.” Julie stated in a clinical fashion like she was talking about somebody else. Was she shivering with fear or frostbite? I hope that answer will get me out of the water she prayed.

Barney pressed a switch and the ice water pumped out of her part of the tank and into the new water tower above the hut as her floor lowered to its old depth. He poured himself a large cool glass and sat back to watch the ocelot massage her toes and calves.

“Dancing will get your circulation going. Dance for me kitty!” He commanded and turned on some sleazy bump and grind music.

Julie did her best. Swaying to the pounding beat with long sensuous pelvic thrusts and at one point she managed to get ether breast swinging in opposite directions. It was amateurish but enthusiastic. When the music stopped she was panting with fatigue. She wished she could see his expression clearer and know if she passed the audition.  He was just a blur to her. She could make out his form moving over to the ‘toybox’ and digging around. He closed the lid and set some things down on the bed, came closer,  climbed the ladder on the outside of the tank and attached two tubes to the top of the tank. Pushing them through the top attachment and into the tank he said

“You’re going to need a lot of strength to survive the rest of my shift here. The smaller tube is water ---usually --- and the larger is food a kind of high protein paste but solid enough. These you get to suck on. I wouldn’t let you get me in there but just so you don’t forget how”

. Julie noticed both tubes ended in penis shapes. She was very hungry and the dance had dried out her throat again. She waited for permission. Barney poured some more water for himself and sat back on the bed.

“FEED!” he ordered and she did. The food was soft; very hard to suck out and tasted like diluted applesauce; but the water was cold and had an interesting flavor. Cold? Flavor? It was her ‘bathwater’!

“STOP!” he screeched after a minute. He got up again and tossed two items into the tank. One was a belt like deep-sea divers wear rubberized with clips and d-rings all the way around. The other item was a vibrator with bumps all over it and bungee cords on the bottom.

“Put them on. I’ll be back later I need to go shoot something. What’s the next most dangerous thing on this planet after you.” She couldn’t see it but heard the smile in his voice. I’m getting an idea she thought.

“You master are way above me on the danger scale. The most aggressive things out there are the pincher beetles and nicklepedes. They move quick and bite hard. The beetles live in the cacti and the ‘pedes are under big rocks. Good hunting; sir” She said giving him the thumbs up.

“I said put the belt and … on NOW. I can’t have you slipping the spiky out while I’m gone.” He warned and when she did as ordered he pulled the rope on her wrist chain so her hands were above her head. He aimed a remote at her dido and the bumps grew out to dull points. He showed her the remote through the glass; the dial was only half way and she felt the spikes pressing her from the inside out. He eased off on the dial a little. She sighed with relief.

“While I’m out think about what other tricks a dildo on elastic can do. We’re going to have a nice playtime before your next bath. Have a nice day.” He turned and left and Julie sagged in her restraints.

As the day wore on and her bladder filled up the spiky got increasingly uncomfortable. At times see could have sworn Barney was peeking in the window at her. By late afternoon she was dancing from foot to foot trying to hold her bladder control. She didn’t know when he came in but when she noticed him sitting quietly on the bed watching her she gave him her most pathetic look. He came over and loosened the rope and turned the dial on his remote ¾ up to watch her wince and then all the way down.

“Take out mister spiky for a minute and use this.” A bedpan hit her in the head and she squatted gratefully as relief flooded her senses. :”don’t bother getting up again  connect  your tail to your collar and tie your wrist chain to the floor”  Again she took a moment to lube her ass and when she was in position Barney come in behind her and shoved the dildo back in but kept the elastics loose. Then he pushed the full bedpan under her chin and hooked a bungee cord between her collar and wrist chains. For a minute her head was pulled back and forth between tail and wrists; then he released her tail and her face bounced almost right into the pan of her own piss. Barney nudged the pan till the location suited him then stepped back and twisted the dial to full. The sudden internal pressure made JR’s head come up in shock and the elastic hooked to her neck pulled her muzzle right into the bedpan.
”Stay right there don’t move a muscle” he said as he pulled the spiky out roughly and replaced it with his prick. “No climaxing till I tell you now!” he whispered in her ear and proceeded to Ralf her royally as her face splashed into and out of the bedpan. The spiky dildo had made her ultra sensitive down there and his vigorous thrusts where making it hard not to orgasm. The face full of piss helped a lot. She noticed there was a different scent to it though. Not that she went around sticking her nose init all the time but something in the aroma make her either want to attack or flee. Fight or Flight; where had she heard that?

He started to thumb fuck her butt hole in counterpoint to his dick and she was tittering on the edge; When he pulled out; grabbed the pan and left for a while. When he came back he put the spiky dildo half way into her snatch and then tightened the elastics. Then he pulled it out almost to the end and let go. The shaft flew into her with a vengeance; her back straightens and her  head tried to come up only to be pulled back down again. A few more times and her nose was bloody; If the tank floor was harder it would have been broken along with some teeth . Barney unhooked the cord from her collar and pulled her head all the way back ; wrapped the cord around her muzzle and licked her bloody nose!

“Unhook yourself from the floor and lie flat “ he told her and when she did he attached ropes to her wrist and ankles one on each and one through the d-ring on her belt. He carefully adjusted the ropes till she was suspended in the middle of the tank and pressed a button on the remote that made the spiky expand slowly to full extension and contract in a millisecond and start all over again. He watched her buck in time with the vibrator for an hour climaxing at least 10 times then shut it down and went to sleep. Julie slept like a log. Her last thoughts were; what’s next? She shook with dread at the possibilities. At daybreak the amazing expanding dildo started up again. When she’d been shaken by 5 orgasms Barney lowered her to the tank floor; told her to get in the bent over position with her head down.

“Show me how far you can open your mouth” he commanded. It wasn’t very much just enough to stick an air hose in for the next activity: Bathtime! He’d threaded her hose trough the floor loops so she was underwater most of the time. She used the rectal clenching technique she’d learned to delay her climax but when he put a finger in there and she tried it he tugged on her hose. As  his excitement grew  her hose cut off of for longer and longer intervals and then he pulled it away altogether and continued to fuck her for over a minute as she gasped for air;  convulsing  around his cock as he finally shot his load into her. The hose returned and he left her bent over as the water ‘boiled’ down and cooled. When her ears were above the freezing water he said

“Stand up. You did well today. Very disciplined. You can come now for me; masturbate yourself till I say stop and then you can have your orgasm.” She rubbed and fingered herself while he watched and the water got colder and colder. She could no longer feel her knees when he said.

“RELEASE!” and she did. The tank drained quickly and she went into her dance on cue when the music started. She was getting better.

“FEED!” The food was the same but the water had a different flavor. He’d mixed in her pee! Was it just for this tube or was he drinking it too? After a minute she stopped before he said anything.

“That was close you almost anticipated my order but I could have changed my mind. The cord stays on your face and you stay like this.” He pulled her wrists up over her head with the rope and turned out the lights and went out for the day. Julie was wired and felt like she was on the verge of figuring Barney out. He was nervous; paranoid; and hyper, always on edge. He did things that scared her; licked and drank her juices; sweat; girl goop; blood, and even urine? The piss make her want to ‘fight or flight’ ………….. He was an adrenaline junkie he was hooked on the hormone epinephrine. How was she going to cater to that? After a while these things wouldn’t scare her and he have to keep raising the bar. Just the realization that he wasn’t out to kill her only freak her out would make it harder to react. The little voice in the back of her head that had moved in right after her first Kalam Konfections piped up and told her she needed to have a candy bar. Then she would be so anxious to please; she’d produce  epinephrine on cue. She was due for a dose wasn’t she? Twice a month minimum and it was almost three and a half weeks. It was pleasant to just ‘hang out’ all day and tell herself stories of brave heroes rescuing smart and pretty spotted catgirls from dire servitude. Barney seemed to just be there late in the day. He was sitting at the terminal sounding a little angry.

“They expect me to sit here all day and watch nothing go by?”

“Mafftra. Slur?” Julie managed to force out of her tied muzzle.

“WHAT? Oh right.” He got up; lowered her to the floor “Take off the bungee and beat yourself off with you tail while you have your say. It better be important.”

Julie started pull her tail back and forth between her legs.

“Master Barnard; you could set up a macro to send periodic key strokes and an alarm to warn you when something passes close by Kelios. There’s a pocket padd that you could take on hunting trips to monitor things and even acknowledge calls from command.”  She was now sticking the bushy tip of her tail as far up  as her ‘inner hand’ could pull it. She hadn’t done this since her teens and it was still as effective.

“Set it up.” He said putting the ladder down inside her tank. When she sat at the computer he tied one paw to the back of the chair and sucked on her tail while he said “I’m watching your every move. If you try any tricks...”

“Tricks? Tricks are for kids!” she burbled, happy to be online again. “MASTER!” she remembered where she was and who was twisting her tail.

“Clear out your e-mail too. Your new password is ‘cumstains’“ and he watched her read her mail. Mostly spam and issues of the online ‘zine ‘How To Serve Males’ and some notes from Tara. One read :

“looked up your next assignment. He’s a bad one. Likes to scare little girls. His last furn is in a padded cell. Be careful and be afraid be very afraid; it’s the only way through. You’re a smarty you’ll figure it out. Guest of The Gen broke my ankle; in a M*A*S*H unit now.

Stay strong ,


“Delete all of it now.” He told her and after she set up his porta-padd it was back in the tank while he changed her password again; Then watched as she finished her tail fuck; tossed a chocolate bar over the side and into her tank.

“Hold on to that till tomorrow and the wrapper better still be on it in the morning! You won’t like what comes next but I will.” Just before to lights dimmed she saw the wrapper said F.U.R.N. RAT. P. I’m in for a very bad trip; very bad indeed she winced in apprehension.

He woke her in the middle of the night. There was a sand storm raging outside and rattling the walls and roof.

“Come out here Now! Bring all the chains and elastics.” The ladder was still in place and in a moment she was standing near the bed; mouth shut, hands behind back, dangling chains and cords. He pushed her roughly on to the bed and first tied her mouth closed then chained her left foot to her right wrist; right foot to her left wrist and clipped the centers to her belt. When she was secured he crawled in besides her and held on to her like she was a security blanket for the rest of the night. In the morning things went back to ‘normal’ with one exception. Just before bathtime he held the furnrat p. up to her mouth and made sure she swallowed every bit. Her dance wasn’t very good today because she was distracted by the room full of giant pincer beetle outside her tank.

“ Stop and come over to the bed kitty I have a special treat for you today. I brought some rocky road ice cream and want to eat some out of you.” Barney blared at her. But what about all the beetles she almost said as she climbed out of the tank; but when she squinted out at the room it was just the meerkat sitting on the bed with a bowl. She knelt in front of him with hands tied behind her back;  her mouth closed and waited. There were little fountains of multi-colored spooge coming up out of the floor.

“Open wide” he said and fed her a spoon full of ice cream then another and again. He said he wanted to eat in out of her so she just held her mouth open wide and sincerely hoped he’d enjoy himself doing it. He started to tongue kiss her. My, what a long tongue he had. He  finished the first batch and then a second; then

“This is too slow!  Lie on the bed and spread your legs I’m going to pump the whole 3 gallons into your womb and then we’ll see how to get it out.” When she was in place he shoved a wide tube up her canal and slowly pumped in the frozen dairy product. She could see her belly swell up like she was pregnant then continue top balloon up. When nothing but air was coming out he stopped and replaced the tube with his mouth.

“Ok; start pushing it out. “ he ordered and she tried and succeeded. She’d do anything absolutely anything to make him happy! “Still too slow and I forgot the whip cream and sprinkles” There was a big serrated knife in his hand and he stabbed Julie just below the breasts and slit her open to above her mons! Then he proceeded to squirt whipped cream on top of the ice cream and top that with sprinkles and a bright red cherry. He pulled out a big spoon and dug in.

“Here you can have some after all this is Your Last Meal!” and he spoon fed her for a few  little  moments before returning to stuffing himself.

“Are you enjoying it Master? It’s not melting too soon in my still warm body?” Julie asked worriedly. She was scared he wouldn’t have enough fun and be mad at her. Maybe he could sew her up and do it all over.

“Nay: almost finished see” and her insides were almost clean of frozen dessert. Now let’s see how this looks” and he started to screw her and pet his cock every time in peeked out in her open belly. It was much longer today. Julie wished she could help but her hands were tied. Wait only one set of arms were tied the other two sets were free to massage his balls and also rub his tip when it came through. When he came it filled her up and dripped down her sides and soaked the bed. He pulled her zipper closed. When had she gotten a zipper on her abdomen? 

“Go outside and feed the vultures.” He told her. She ran to comply and was outside already when she realized vultures only eat dead meat. What could she feed them. Barney would be angry and punish her if she didn’t. There they were; black feathers; white ruffs and bald heads looking expectantly at her. She sloshed as she walked from the gallons of semen inside her. “Feed the vultures” he asked she had only herself; so she lay very still; held her breath and waited. After a while one bird flew down and took a tentative peck at her; then dug in as his fellows joined in. Julie was so happy; she was feeding the vultures.

“Have some toes they’re very tender” the biggest bird said

“Not as sweet as her milky jugs” Another croaked sucking on her left nipple. How could he suck with a beak she thought? They were eating; she was happy. But what would Barney do tomorrow for fun; suddenly she was very scared. He’d be so angry and if a sandstorm started what would he cuddle for security?

“Don’t overfeed them you stupid twat, they’ll get sick!” the meerkat bawled from the doorway “You better not have spilled any of my precious seed! Get back in here you can’t be trusted with it I’m taking it back”

Julie crept back inside quaking with fright, dragged what was left of her onto the bed and waited. Barney pulled the zipper down and mini vultures hopped out. Now I’m in for it she thought; those birds knocked me up too.

“Bad pussy! I didn’t say you could yiff the birds just feed them.” Barney screamed “ Get back in your tank and glue your hands together” He gave her a big glue gun already heated up and she dived back into the tank even though it was filled with nicklepedes. Good thing she still had extra hands she glued two sets of wrists together and changed hands to do the third.

“Now pull the rope through and toss the end out here” And she did. He pulled it tight so she was on tiptoes and showed her an immense paddle; climbed in behind her and proceeded to thwack her with it. Every stroke flattened her body against the glass and as soon as she bounced back; WACK! Again. She hoped he wouldn’t hurt his wrists or arms hitting her so hard.  “EYES RIGHT” he commanded and she noticed the back of the tank was mirrored ; she was hanging from the side of the tank; her butt was 3 times normal size red as a tomato and when had she acquired tiger stripes instead of ocelot spots? Would her lord and master enjoy a tigress? One with bunny ears and three tits? OH WOW she gushed he did! He filled her cunt with his prick; followed by his precious cum and when he couldn’t pump any more into her front hole he switched to her poop chute and continued pumping her up. She was now round as a beach ball  and happier than a pig in mud. Her perfect god-like lord and lover kissed her long and deep; dribbled her like a basketball and  rewarded her yet again with is fluids this time in whip like spurts all over her body until the stuff pooled up to her ankles. As she dripped and dried  her he went to his well deserved rest. Julie dozed off contentedly thinking what she could do in the morning to please Barney.

     The morning sun glaring in her face was painful. Her wrists were sore from supporting her weight all night. Her feet felt like they were lead all her blood had pooled up there as she hung. There was a slight reflection from the back wall. She had two arms, two tits, a spotted pelt and her belly was chafed but whole and just slightly rounded. She had been fucked in both lower apertures repeatedly. Goody she thought, he likes me! She knew that was the drugs in her system talking but opted to give in to it for now. Fearfully; the way he liked it; she glanced into the rest of the shack. What if he left without using her as a bathtoy? No;  he was at the computer typing away. He finished and lowered her to the tank floor.

“What do you remember about yesterday? Be explicit.”

“Everything Master! ---------The ice cream; -----------the zipper; ---------the vultures; -------the mini vultures; --------the paddle; --------bouncing and all the wonderful sex you let me have. Thank you LORD Van Looyna; sir!” She related every detail she could recall and heard him laugh a number of times.

“After the bath you crawled over to the bed I put some ice cubes in your mouth; holding your jaws wide I lick them out and put them in your cunt. I rubbed some ice cream on your stomach and let it melt; then I fucked you while you massaged my balls. Then I sent you outside for a while to warm up and when some pincher beetle started crawling over you I called  you back inside. You crawled back in and up on my bed and I pushed your tits together and screwed them. I hung you up in there screwed you and cornholed you till I had enough; hosed you down and left you to dry. This stuff” He held up a gallon jug “Is the water from that. It’ll only be for special occasions!”

“Bu—uut Master. Did You have a good time? Did I please you?” she asked worriedly. Drug reaction the more rational part of her brain thought. The blood had returned to the rest of her body she could stand now if he wanted.

“You were ok yesterday; but this morning was even better. Mini vultures hopping out of your unzipped tummy? Outstanding!” She heard that smile in his voice and almost orgasmed on the spot; but didn’t know if  that was permitted. He climbed into the tank and chained her down face up, lying flat on the floor; and fucked her to his climax slowly and languidly squeezing her breasts and biting  her nipples. When he turned on the water he told her

“You can come as much as you want while you’re underwater. I’m just guessing on how long you can hold your breath. One day I’ll guess wrong. Too bad you are a good fuck”  He tied her mouth around the air hose and started his daily routine.

Wow she thought as the water covered her; he said I was good! Her first orgasm hit as his dick entered her again and successive multiple orgasms grew intensity and climaxed just as he pulled her air away and finished his spurt. His schlong always got stiffest when she shook with fear at the lack of air. Would he time it wrong this time. Her last thought before he came and lifted them up to oxygen; was I must hold on to give him more fun! He unhooked her wrist chain so she could sit up and made her recount her memories of yesterday all over again while he distilled her water. Her dance was frantic and very arousing; she pulled her tail up inside her all the way and pushed it back out almost all the way and back up again. Barney got so hot from watching he broke his old routine and yiffed her one more time before he left and let her suck food and water for 3 whole minutes. When returned he let her climb out to the room; lie on his bed and get buttfucked to her utter delight. He rolled her over and ran his claws around her breast till the nipple stood at attention then chewed it. With a mouthful of tit he murmured

“You need more exercise. You’ve got to lose that belly!” he said poking her soft round tummy and standing  “ I have some equipment  on its way  but in the meantime you’ll run. Come outside

!00 yards in front of the house was a concrete block buried in the ground. The immense eyebolt in it was for lashing down anything in case of high winds. It showed wear but the shiny yellow metallic chain looked brand new. It was 40’ feet long and the hook on the far end swiveled  Barney hooked Julie’s anklet to the chain; walked her out to the full length backed in to leave some slack; then marched her around in a wide circle kicking; moving or vaporizing any obstacles to a smooth flat path. He’d already prepared a comfy chair and table on an anti grav pallet. He moved them into position over the block settled in with a pitcher of ice water

“RUN!” he called out and JR started jogging in the afternoon heat around in circles. He had two hand weapons; his blaster and some sort of air powered dart pistol. If Julie slowed down he’d either shoot the blaster right behind her to speed her up or prick her ass with a dart to punish her. Most were soft rubber and just bruised her but every fifth on was pointed and felt like a bee sting. By nightfall she was worn out and had 10 darts in her ass; thighs and lower back. One was in her left breast cause she fell back at the moment he shot. As she staggered into her 100th lap a dart hit her butt and her legs froze and she fell face down in the dirt. Slowly the paralysis invaded the rest of her body and she was having a hard time breathing. Barney picked up her limp body and let it sag to the ground.

“One dart in the bunch is always tipped with scorpion venom; very toxic; too bad might as well get in one last pork” So saying he fucked her limp form face up; then face down; then in her ass and prying her loose jaws apart actually dared to screw her mouth. His dick was rock hard and though she couldn’t control it her natural gag reflex undulated around his cock till he came in her mouth and because she couldn’t close it the cum dripped right out again.

“Toxic yes; fatal no. You’ll be fine in three hours. Come in then” He unhooked her chain and sauntered back to the shack. He’s so smart she thought not shooting me till dark so I can lie here without bugs depriving him of his fun tomorrow. She’d be glad when the drug effects lessened! As soon as she could crawl Julie crept back to the shack.

The next two weeks they fell into a routine; yiff – bath – dance – fuck – food –then he’d hunt while she was bound in some way and usually suspended (one day he covered her from head to foot in thick sisal ropes and only left one tit exposed to play with) – then she’d run and only half the time wind up immobile and spooged for hours. Oh he’d always fuck her cunt and ass while she was hot and sweaty, but only cum in her mouth if she was  literally intoxicated (injected with poison) .

Finally the equipment arrived. Hy Lee’s  Motivational Work Out. A Stairmaster with built in dildos that vibrated faster as Julie climbed faster and rewarded her with orgasms for every ten minute set she completed; a chining bar with chains on her wrists that punished her with electric shocks if she didn’t keep the right pace or stopped before her required reps and a high tension bowflex set to spring back and slap her head for some routines and her tits or face for others if she didn’t pull and release slowly. Barney cut out her dance and mid morning yiff so she could entertain him with her exercises. The Stairmaster was her favorite way back in her other life she ran up and down stairs all day. School; The Library where she worked and even home in her attic bedroom. The dildos were a plus and she felt validated by every orgasm. Barney had to tell her to stop or she’d just keep on. If he had to repeat himself the chin ups were doubled and she had to move fast to avoid shocks. If he had to tell her three times he’d hang on her feet as she pulled up and down.  The bowflex was the best for Barney and the worst for Julie. Every time she lost control on the back flex the ‘bow’ would smack her closest body part. The first few days she got a few bloody noses and barney delightedly licked it off as she strained to hold the half way mark till he finished. It took him very little time to find a way to use the apparatus for suspension and spreading her legs and arms wide.  It  dawned on him to take her along on his hunting trips as a pack animal and seat cushion. He’d fit a bridle in her mouth and make her crawl on all fours with water, food and extra power cells for the blaster in saddle bags. When he  took a break she’d lie flat so he didn’t have to sit on hard rocks or the dusty ground. Of course if he left randy well she was right there for his pleasure. He taught her to retrieve his kills and carry them back in her mouth. If she did it well he’d rub her clitty as a reward. Between the exercise; packmuleing  and running she was getting svelte and toned. Her evening runs ended with only two or three darts to pull out and way fewer venom shots.

After one of those rare times when she found herself creeping through the dark she noticed by the shadows cast by asteroid light  the shack roof was sagging in the middle below the water tower. Barney she realized was treating her rough but no longer went out of his way to scare her. The bath always ended the same way and the darts didn’t kill her obviously. He had more than enough epinephrine in the water supply and as long as she drank the same water she’d still sweat some back out. Fear sweat without the fear. She was home free. When it came time to dose her with a candy bar he gave her a furnrat-x ( the aphrodisiac one ) and made her beg for every touch. If she danced well he’d touch her nipple and she’d orgasm. Between exercises he’d let her kiss his dick gently and with her mouth tied shut –multiple orgasms. In the field with a dead nicklepede in her mouth He made her lie still as he inserted just the tip of his penis into her vagina. She passed out with the intensity of her climaxes. He let her crawl home with her tail between her legs; very deep between her legs. Instead of running her that evening he chained her to his bed ring-gagged; wrists above her head  and feet spread wide. First he covered her body with clothes pins maybe a hundred everywhere but her privates; then watched them sway and dance as he screwed her. The groans and pathetic mews she screamed as she shook only served to heighten his pleasure. Her gag had ridges and the bottom and top so she not only had to keep her tongue above and out but when he fucked her face she had to keep her mouth as wide as possible. After he allowed her to swallow his cum; she had to hold it her mouth till then: he removed the pins from her right breast and licked the red welts while she writhed. She was forbidden to climax till he told her and it would have been impossible if not for the side effect of ‘cupid root’ that made her obsessive about pleasing the last furr that so much as touched her. Suddenly he stopped sucking her tit and stood up.

“There’s another little treat for me; I clean forgot about” He produced a vial of pills from his duffle bag (he’d never bothered to unpack) took one out and came it her mouth again. Before he let her swallow he popped  the pill in there and afterwards removed all the clothes pins and let her stay on the bed all night with his dick buried in her cunt. If he got flaccid she had to pump him up but not wake him. Before he turned off the lights he let her climax and the intensity of it make him come too. She was up all night worried that if she dozed off he’d lose his erection and not give her a morning yiff! One time in the night when she was pulling his pud with her vaginal muscles he started to hump her even though he was fast asleep. She’d pump; he’d hump. This went on for sometime but when she felt like he was ready to shoot his load she feared that would awaken him so she eased off till he relaxed a bit. Next day when most of the furnrat had worn off they went back to ‘business’ as usual; but some night he’d tie her to the bed and sleep on her and in her. A week after she’d taken the mystery pill her breasts got bigger and her nipples stuck out more. If she hadn’t menstruated just ten days ago she’d  worry about being preggers; maybe she was? All that unprotected sex; cross-species breeding was extremely rare but it could happen. An arts major skunk; Sabby; she used to chat online with worked for a tiger/skunk hybrid.


When Barney noticed he smiled his wicked little smile but let her stew for a while.

On her evening run the third shot was venom and while she lay in the dust he sucked at her breast and when they produced milk she knew she was screwed; figuratively as well; he sucked out a mouthful and spit it down her throat. She could taste it but not swallow till he face fucked her and forced a gag reflex. It was milk just like her mom used to make when she was a kitten. Back at the shack later he told her to get on the bed which meant – tie your feet apart --- put on the ring gag or spring retainer – and chain your wrists above your head.

He  stuck his dick in her pussy; it was more his pussy anyway, he could do what he want with it and she couldn’t.. Anyway, after the first stroke he withdrew.

“There’s something else in there! Lets see.” And he made a  great  show of lubing his hand and fisting her deep. She couldn’t see but it felt like he went in up to the elbow. After some pumping he pulled  out .

“Got it!” and he held up what looked like a cat fetus! “You don’t have time for one of these.” He said and casually tossed it across the room. Years later looking back she realized this was the first crack in her conditioning. She would’ve been hard pressed to find; even in fiction; anything as callous as that. She just lay there in shock as the hand went up again seemed to get stuck and then pop out. This time it was just a bloody pulp.

“Didn’t get the whole sucker this time. Well the rest’ll come out with your next cycle. Back to screwing.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she was racked with sobs which only heightened his pleasure. He flipped her over without untying her and had her tightened ass then he rolled her over and nursed for a very long time as she continued to sob and quake. Finally he freed her and said

“Go clean up your mess and don’t let me catch you again; with anything up you but me!” And he twisted her nipples and kicked her off the bed. As soon as she got a close look at the ‘fetus’ she realized it was plastic. A stage prop and the other was some defrosted meat from the fridge. Barney was doubled over with laughter and let her curse for five straight minutes. Even though the gag made her incoherent he got the gist of what she had to say.

“You should have seen your face! “ He croaked through his guffaws “ The pill makes you lactate for a month that’s all. Get in your tank and attach your new accessories!“ He got up and heated himself some cocoa as she climbed into her ‘home’. The new additions were three tubes with smaller tubes inside. The outer tubes ended in suction cups two small and one large.

“Pull out the inner tubes on the small ones suction them on your nipples and attach the outer ones over them. Good now suck out the inner one on the biggie shove that up your twat and attach the outside so it covers your clitoris as well. Floor chain and rope! Good puss now you’re ready for milking “ he flipped a switch and the cups on her aureoles start pulling in and out till she was flowing milk into them. The bottom pistoned  in out in counterpoint to the top ones. She just hung there limp emotionally drained. No reaction when Barney pulled off one pump to cool his cocoa.  Next day she was listless and almost drowned in the bath. When he pulled her hose away she just sucked water. He had to push it out of her limp form and reverse the airflow on the milk pumps to resuscitate her.  All day she went through the motions without giving or getting any joy. She followed orders to the letter and just that. If he told her to dance she’d jerk around a little. When he fucked her she would just lay there limp and silent. She’d come back from her evening run looking like a pin cushion with a singed tail. A dose of furnrat-p left her cringing in a corner of her tank screaming about dead kittens eating her eyes. She curled into a fetal position and he couldn’t unbend her. He had to give her the antidote or she’d  have become a permanent basket case. The next day she was a little friendlier; but she sank back to lethargy quickly. For the rest of Barney’s tour she did the least he would put up with. He could get physical reactions to spiky dildos; heat and cold; when he sucked on her tits they got erect; but she was passive and apathetic. No emotions. Left alone she’d just stare off into space. She stopped lactating but her tits stayed big. When physical abuse lost its luster he tried verbal abuse. All day it was.

“You worthless hosebag; you were a convenient  hole to screw but you can even do that right anymore!”

“Ignorant bitch can’t you even moan when I  hurt you?”

“You’re a waste of space. All you could be used for was a fuck toy now you’re useless”

After a while she believed him. The conditioned part of her brain told her he was the master and always right.

When not otherwise engaged she’d sit outside in the hot sun so as not to waste his space or air.

After nine and a half weeks his orders came through, he was being reassigned to a Battlecruiser. The last days were atypical; Barney supervised Julie as she dismantled the tank and bottled all the water and milk.  He returned her glasses so she could see what she was doing. The evac ship landed as a sand storm came up and the crew sheltered in the shack till it blew over. Two wolves; one maned; and a nutria with big buck teeth. Julie cooked them a great meal served wine and chilled beer. They petted and teased her all through dinner. The first time the wolf patted her on the ass she gave him an apathetic look till she saw his broad sincere smile and noticed the other space jockeys appreciative glances. The old spring came back into her step as she pranced around serving the meal with an ever widening grin splitting her face. Three healthy males thought she was a hot little number. When she finished clearing the dishes and came back to the main part of the room; the maned wolf stuck his nose in her butt and said

“You certainly are the hostess with the moist ass. Now what can you show us? “ and he pulled her into his lap and caressed her still ample breasts. Wiggling excitedly against his crotch she crooned

“ I could put on some music and get up and do a samba; --- or we could lie down and do a horizontal mambo? What about you guys?”
The nutria piped up with “Dance for us while we digest  then we’ll cut cards to see who goes first.” He pulled out a deck and started shuffling.

“Yeah dance first. Screw all night. ‘s been a while for us. No furn deliveries in weeks. I’m backed up!” The other wolf said.
For the first time in over 2 months Julie felt in control. Well, as in control as a furn/slave can be. They were on her turf and willing to play by her rules! As long as they all got their rocks off. They liked her because she was cute and friendly and a girl; plain and simple. She danced and even sang along with one of Bilail’s favorite Phucking Phasers songs “Gwanna Ball All Night”

“Drop ya other fucking shoe

and let’s just start ta screw;

Gwanna ball all night,

Till da mornin’ light;

Gwanna ball all night,

Make me feel alright;

Gwanna ----- ball ---all ----NIGHT!,”

She gyrated and lapdanced and  wrapped her self in the wolf’s flight scarf and let him hold one end while she whirled like a top, pulled him to his feet and practically balled him standing up, she straddled the nutria’s leg and humped his kneecap in time to the music, the maned wolf she pushed down on the bed and caressed his nose with her labia; she ended with her tail fuck tricks;  all three guys were sitting there panting and even the bucktooth rodent managed a wolf whistle.

All this time Barney was sitting on the computer chair watching the others quietly.

As the music ended she draped her form over all three guys on the bed. Head in the maned wolf’s lap; tits between the nutria’s knees and her ass and cooney right where the big bad wolf could reach them.

“This  is a good start” she purred unzipping the nearest pair of pants and inhaling a swollen member. The nutria massaged her tits with his dick and she pushed them together and up and down. Kyle the wolf explored her with his fingers and found her g-spot much to her delight and when that motivated her to greater efforts the others were just as glad .

“Guys? Mind if I go first I’m about to blow anyway” The maned wolf moaned and his buds helped Julie settle on his cock. She tried the reverse stimulation routine that worked on Barney and sure enough her present lover held on for a few minutes to his and her satisfaction. As she cleaned him off the other wolf started to mount her and the rodent found just the right angle to attack her ass. OK! She was doing three at once for the first time and they were all glad. By the end of the night all three had a turn in all three of her holes. At intervals they asked if she was comfortable that position or this; were they too heavy etc. The four of them slept curled up on the bed in a happy heap and each guy had a part of Julie to pet and cuddle. In the dark the wolf whispered in her ear:

”This is our first real assignment. Six months ago we were truckers in Southern Parklands You’re our first furn. You ladies aren’t for flight cadets. Are all of you as nice or  willing?” He gently caressed her nearest breast rubbing her hardening nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“Master Kyle” she purrrrred contentedly “Most any girl will treat you as nice as you treat them. Recreational Nexi have to be willing; it’s our training; but nice is optional. Sir; you make this soldier proud to serve” She gave him a long soulful kiss and freeing a hand rubbed his balls till his cock bulged in the middle and continued till he spooged.
”Now I have a dilemma; boss man;  a good girl would clean up her mess but I don’t want to disturb my other masters…”

“No problem darling” said  Kenny the nutria “make two more messes and clean them all off”

“I beg to differ”  Stan the maned wolf murmured so as not to wake Barney dozing on the chair. “ We make her come real messy and clean her in return! “

OKAY! Julie shouted in her head; I get to cum again. All her tension and dark brooding had evaporated. This she thought was how her life should work; making people that liked her happy.  In the morning she bustled around making pancakes and bacon and fresh eggs and coffee. She didn’t tell them where the milk came from!  Her glasses had disappeared during the night. Once everything was out on the tables she crawled under the table and gave each of them a nice slow blow job as they ate. After she finished the wolf third they hauled her onto the table covered her with syrup and licked every drop off. Barney didn’t join them at all and when they finished  He said

“The storm was over hours ago. You’re behind schedule. Let’s go already”

They kissed Julie long; hard and deep. She waved as they trudged back to their ship and watched as it took off. Something crunched under her foot as she walked back to the house. Her glasses; Barney must have tossed them as he left and now one lens was broken and the frame was bent. It took a while but she managed to bend them back into shape and fit the broken lens back in. It didn’t last and the broken right lens put a strain on her other eye. Her first night alone in the shack she caught up on her e-mail. Felix had shown her a backdoor into the admin program. She could have reset the passwords at any time. When she saw her reflection in the screen she wondered when her left eye had developed a twitch? She only had a week to herself when new orders came in:

1400 hours landing pad

no glasses!

Report to FLT. LT. C.T.C.


That could be very good or very bad. Why no glasses?

At 1350 she was knelling at the pad and when a form separated from the dust all she could make out were big shoes and camo pants.

“you’ve lost weight reader-4223. Are you in good health? Here put these on” A deep soft voice caressed her ears and grey paws held out clean; new, whole glasses. She looked up into Charlie Two Cloud’s coyote face. Since being drafted Charlie was the closest thing to a friend she’d found.